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Leysin is a top place for climbing. Its peaks, so very specific to Leysin, allow experienced climbers to make the most of their favourite sport in a splendid and magical setting.

Located in the heights of Leysin, Mounts Aï and Mayen offer fabulous climbing opportunities in a calm and relaxing environment. Climbs in these areas demand a strong technique and are more or less the reserve of experienced climbers. Access to the climbing zones can be made on foot, on mountain bike or simply by taking the Berneuse cable car, then walking down to them (15 à 20 minutes).

As for the sites at the « Plans » and « Famelon », these are especially popular with youngsters and novices. Fully equipped, the climbs are neither too technical nor too high. Their relative ease makes them fun and they are the ideal climbing sites for the beginner. The two areas can be reached on foot, by bike or even by car (although the last stage still has to be done on foot). The « Plans » site is only 15 minutes walk from Leysin village.

For budding climbers, the Leysin sports shops rent out all the necessary climbing gear.

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Leysin Tourisme
Rte de la Cité 27
1854 Leysin
Phone +41 (0)24 493 33 00
Fax +41 (0)24 493 33 01




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