The Renewable Energies Trail is made up of 11 totems each with 22 explanatory panels addressing the following themes: Solar, Wood, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal, Small Hydro Power, Energy Saving, Energies from Elsewhere, Energies of Tomorrow, Biofuels and Cogeneration.

In addition to the explanatory panels, the trail features real, interactive presentations:

Demonstration of energy-saving light bulbs

Thanks to a test bench with various types of light bulbs and a wattmeter, now you can see with your own two eyes the energy-saving potential of the new types of light bulbs.

Film about small hydro power

Leysin may not have any oil reserves, but it sure has ideas. This is why, since 1989, Leysin has been running its surplus drinking water and treated water through turbines to generate power. Furthermore, it is also exploring the possibility of doing the same with its wastewater, so as to produce energy that will be returned directly to the local power grid. An explanatory film is shown continuously at the entrance to the Kuklos Panoramic Revolving Restaurant.

Interactive terminal

If you still have questions despite the large amount of information provided along the Renewable Energies Trail, an interactive terminal is available for visitors at the entrance to the Kuklos Panoramic Revolving Restaurant. Access to the Renewable Energies Trail and the interactive stations is free.

Photovoltaic solar panels

At the front of the terrace of the Kuklos Panoramic Revolving Restaurant, 21 sq. m. of single-crystal photovoltaic panels have been installed. Each square meter produces an annual average of 169 kWh, which represents an annual production of 3,550 kWh. This energy is used for running the motors that turn the 2nd floor of the restaurant. A real-time display of the power generated enables visitors to see just how efficient these solar panels really are.

Solar-powered water fountain

During the summer months, Lake Yaka, which is next to the Kuklos Panoramic Revolving Restaurant, features a water fountain, which, albeit small, is located at the highest altitude in Switzerland. The water fountain is powered by a solar panel attached to the guard rail around the lake.

Thermal solar panels

16 sq. m. of thermal solar panels preheat domestic hot water. On average, this system produces 9,057 kWh/year of solar energy, thereby saving 1,105 cubic meters of combustible fuel (natural gas). The solar panels help produce over 426 liters of hot water a day.

Vertical axis wind turbine

A vertical axis wind turbine is located next to the entrance to the Kuklos Panoramic Revolving Restaurant. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it produces the energy needed for the light bulb consumption demonstration. Generally speaking, wind energy is better known in the form of large three-bladed turbines, but the vertical, or urban, model blends into the landscape better and does not cause any noise pollution.


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