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Leysin Snow Park

In the winter season the Leysin Snow Park boasts a variety of obstacles as well as a halfpipe unique in the Vaud Alps.

For several years host to renowned competitions such as the Nescafé Champs Open, Leysin’s reputation and that of its snow park have long been established on the circuit. Located on the ski fields at the foot of the Berneuse, the Leysin Park creates new obstacles every year ; rails, kicks, gaps, step-ups, step-downs and hips.

The park also boasts a superpipe over 5 metres high giving experienced freestyle skiers and snowboarders an incredible playground.  The dimensions of its 140 metres length and 20 degree sloping sides lend themselves to extraordinary jumps and moves.  Amateurs and hardcore freestylers alike can all go wild on the superpipe.

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Télé Leysin-Col des Mosses-La Lécherette SA
Route du Belvédère 8
1854 Leysin
Phone +41 (0)24 494 16 35
Fax +41 (0)24 494 16 34
Snowpark Leysin
1854 Leysin


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